Lighthouse Quilt Blocks (Jim and Kathleen's Quilt)

I've finally completed the quilt and it is now resting happily at their house.

The three Lighthouse blocks used in this quilt are still posted. Actually, there are four, but for some reason I don't have an individaul picture of the mariner's compasses that were placed in the four corners and the center of the quilt.

Mom's Quilt

I finished Mom's quilt a week or so after Mother's Day this year.

Small Quilts

Winding Ways Quilt, "Lost at Sea" I need to get an updated picture now that the binding is completed. It's hanging in my quilt room.

Table Topper #1 - Coming Soon

Table Topper #2 - Coming Soone - Herring Bone pattern.

Wearble Quilts

Batik Scrap Jacket, I made for one of the classes at Capital Quilts. Front of Batik Scrap Jacket

Baby Quilts

Baby Nusbaum, a former co-worker's baby. Tamra and I used the attic windows block to make this quilt.

Baby Chloe, my current manager's newest baby. The quilt was done on the spur of the moment with constant planning and redesign.

Baby Lily. Lily is my new neice on my partner's side of the family. This quilt was inspired by the need to use blocks and fabrics left over from baby Nusbaum's quilt. I did buy some new fabrics to put into it, as I didn't have enough of the remaining fabrics.

Quilts In Progress

I'm taking classes again at Capital Quilts. The class is called The Quiltmakers Club and we are given a simple pattern quilt to make.

March's block was the 3-D bow tie. I've got the blocks completed, just need to put them all together. Here's a sample of how I want to set them. The blocks by themselves were boring, so I thought I'd add a little color.

3-D BowTie Possible Setting

My Blocks

2003 Quilt Blocks

I've addded one new block - a dog house. I ran out of sky fabric and had to substitute another, so it looks - well - not good. :-) Please check it out

2004 Quilt Blocks

These are the quilt blocks that I've done for my Second Saturday Sampler at Capital Quilts.